New foster

Fostering is a commitment. It requires patience, consistency, and willingness to learn as your foster adjusts to life in the real world outside of racing. Your foster is with you from a few weeks, to as much as several months. During this time you must help the greyhound know the outside world, get used to a house and life with other pets and perhaps kids, televisions, slick floors, stairs, glass doors, automobile rides, toys, and many other things.

Have you researched Greyhound adoption or fostering?

Please list all pets that you have owned in the last three years and what became of them

What type of pets (and how many) do you have in your home now?

Why do you think a fostered Greyhound will be a good fit in your home?

Do you know that Greyhounds are inside dogs?

Who will be the primary caregiver for your foster?

How will you transport your foster?

Are you bring your foster to adoption events?

What personality traits are you looking for in a Greyhound?

Residence Information

If you rent, do you have permission to have this foster?

How will your foster Greyhound relieve him or herself?

How many hours per day will your foster Greyhound be alone?

Do you agree that your foster will always be walked on a leash, and only allowed to run loose in fenced areas?

Would you be interested in fostering a special needs Greyhound?