Hi, I'm Stormy

My race name was Stormy

Pending an Adoption!

white with black ticks
Stormy is safe to be around cats: Unknown
Stormy is safe to be around dogs: Yes
Stormy is safe to be around kids: Yes
Stormy is current on vaccinations: Yes
Stormy is spayed or neutered: Yes

Comments about Stormy
A BIG HOWLO TO YOU!!!!! I’m Stormy and I’m so pleased to meet you! Have you been looking at FORG’s sites each day just waiting for THAT dog? The one with the smile that could brighten even the worst of days? You’re in luck! Here I am!!!! It’s a pleasure just to look at me with my shiny black ticks on my snowy white coat and big, brown eyes that say I am the one for you!!!! I celebrated my second birthday in September and I still look at the world with the wonder of a puppy. Are you ready for a wonderful life with me??? If so? Just go to our website at friendsofretiredgreyhounds.org and apply today for the opportunity and contact my friend Lee at 720/675/5975. Let’s begin our adventure together!!!!!

Stormy photos!

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