Hi, I'm Drew

And I've Been Adopted!

red fawn
Drew is safe to be around cats: Unknown
Drew is safe to be around dogs: Yes
Drew is safe to be around kids: Yes
Drew is current on vaccinations: Yes
Drew is spayed or neutered: Yes

Comments about Drew
Hi Everyone!!! My name is Drew and I am looking for a special home. I am a special needs boy that would love to find a family that was willing to choose me to be their handsome hound. Everyone I meet says I am a wonderful hound. Even though I am a special needs hound, I am a low maintenance boy!!!! Here is what my foster family has to say about me. We love Drew so much! We need to find him a great home! He’s just a big love bug and a very easy going boy. He loves laying in the sun, he loves to snuggle, and he loves food! He also likes to play and will definitely entertain himself if no one will give him the time of day...this can lead him to being mischievous at times and stealing things like slippers, rugs, blankets, and even dog beds! He does well with our dogs for the most part, for whatever reason my senior malamute isn’t a big fan of his, but Drew is pretty much completely blind so he isn’t the one to usually try and start anything. He gets along great with our 2 greyhound girls, and has actually taken guidance from my little spastic tripod Labrador...which is endearing and funny at the same time! He does have his heart condition which needs to be monitored every 5-9 months. The doctor noted 3 things he was concerned about. 2 he graded as “mild” and 1 he graded as “medium” but at the time there was no need for medication or anything, just regular check-ups to monitor his heart. The doctor believes all of his conditions from his eyes to his heart are genetic. He is still intact, and he is a cryptorchid. Last we heard Lee was trying to find someone who she trusted to put him under anesthesia to do the surgery. I am happy to give you any more details as needed! He is a super sweet boy and really needs a special home! Not sure how he would be around cats. But definitely would need a home where he wouldn’t have to worry about stairs, or window wells, or anything like that. If you think you are the perfect family home for me, I’d love to hear from you. Go to FORG’s website at friendsofretiredgreyhounds.org and apply today for the opportunity and contact Lee at lee@friendsofretiredgreyhounds.org. I am waiting to hear from you!!!!!! Your friend, Drew

Drew photos!

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