Hi, I'm Princess Morena

And I've Been Adopted!

Princess Morena is safe to be around cats: No
Princess Morena is safe to be around dogs: Yes
Princess Morena is safe to be around kids: Yes
Princess Morena is current on vaccinations: Yes
Princess Morena is spayed or neutered: Yes

Comments about Princess Morena
The Story of Princess Morena of Galgo Once upon a time in a land far far away lived the Spanish Princess of Galgo named Morena. She was sweet and kind to all who knew her, but she was terribly mistreated by the people that stole her from her family and they became her captures. Her captures didn't know she was the rightful Princess of Galgo. They tried to break her, to tear down her kindness, robbed her of the affection she craves. She lived in constant fear until one day her captures released her... more like they threw her away like a bag of trash. By tossing her out they unlocked her destiny. She was found by the people of a utopian society to which they referred to as Scooby. This land had many Princes and Princesses that Morena had been rescued from cruel captures and given a chance to live a full life but not in this land. These Princes and Princesses were destined for a land far away, over mountains and seas as far as the eye could see, yet further than our little Princess could even image. A land of plenty... plenty of love, plenty of food, plenty all over and land that needed rulers like our Princesses and Princes. After what seemed like forever for our little Princess's journey, she finally made it to freedom. She knew she would be safe here thanks to Daphne her Fairy Dog Mother. She knew these people would love her and she was given a temporary home with people that love her dearly. She was introduced to fat fluffy creatures called cats, and an annoying dog/rat hybrid they call Duke. At first, the Princess was not sure about these weird creatures but she learned they had been saved just as she had been. She still doesn't allow them near her bed or her food but that's ok because there is plenty to go around and no one goes without here in the land of Plenty. She likes these activities her care takers call "Walkies", it's a fun outing where the Princess can see all her subjects going about their day but every once and awhile the Princess encounters assassins her captures have sent to try to separate her from the citizens of the land of Plenty, her subjects call them "bunnies" but the Princess knows who they really are and although she would like nothing more than to chase these assassins away, she understands that to do so would give the assassins exactly what they want. She knows she is too weak right now and to allow herself to be separated from her subjects would lead to chaos in the land of Plenty... but those bunnies are just so tempting, she sometimes needs a reminder to not chase the bunnies. After walkies her most favorite thing to do in get her beauty rest on the throne her subjects call a bed, from here she rules over the fat furry creatures and the dog/rat hybrid and this means she must deal with the good they do as well as the bad and even though she doesn't like to punish her subjects she knows that in some cases punishment is warranted like when one of her subjects get too close to her throne, or if they look too interested in her meals or snacks and because of this it is best to separate the Princess from her subjects during meal times and making new subjects aware that her throne is off limits to them. The Princess has learned a lot in this new land but to become the Princess of the land of Plenty means she will need guidance from knowledgeable advisors, alas she doesn't have capable advisors yet, if you think you'll make a good advisor for our little Princess please go to FORG’s website at friendsofretiredgreyhounds.org and fill out an application and contact Lee at Friends of Retired Greyhounds at lee@friendsofretiredgreyhounds.org. Advisors must be knowledgeable in the rules and laws of the land of plenty. They must possess the objects called treats and must be fair in their distribution. Advisors must be patient as our Princess is still learning the rules of the land of Plenty. Advisors must also be well versed in academics to teach the Princess the sacred tricks for treats traditions of the land. Above all, an Advisor must have the capacity to love unconditionally and teach the Princess that love doesn't hurt and it shouldn't hurt. Oh, I almost forgot one very important detail the Princess Morena requires all inhabitants of her castle must be females since her captures were male and treated our little Princess so terribly she is now terrified of men. (By her Foster Mother)

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