Hi, I'm Paxon

And I've Been Adopted!

White with brindle patches
Paxon is safe to be around cats: Yes
Paxon is safe to be around dogs: Yes
Paxon is safe to be around kids: Yes
Paxon is current on vaccinations: Yes
Paxon is spayed or neutered: Yes

Comments about Paxon
Meet FORG’s Special Needs Boy: Paxon is a young wolfhound/greyhound mix that is dog and cat-friendly. He is crate trained but actually prefers to be in his crate on a pillow. His foster family thinks he feels it is his "safe place." They say Paxon is a very sweet boy but he is extremely shy and nervous around people and that he is having a hard time learning to trust and relax around people and he will try to find ways to avoid people rather than be around them. Paxon needs a forever home and family that is patient and understanding and is willing to work with and give him the time it will take to show Paxon that he can trust people and he can have a loving nurturing family that every dog deserves!

Paxon photos!

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