Hi, I'm Pretzel

My race name was GF Run With Me

And I've Been Adopted!

2 years
Pretzel is safe to be around cats: Yes
Pretzel is safe to be around dogs: Yes
Pretzel is safe to be around kids: Yes
Pretzel is current on vaccinations: Yes
Pretzel is spayed or neutered: Yes

Comments about Pretzel
Hi One and All!!! My name is Pretzel and I am looking for a groovy home with a loving family. I am here to tell you why I would be an awesome grey for you. I am a 2-year-old brindle female but I am a puppy at heart. I really enjoy playing with anyone who will play with me grey, dog, human or even the cat (Tip my foster cat is too old and does not want to play with me, so sad but I listen to him). When no one will play with me I will play by myself with my favorite ball or my squeaky fuzzy ball. I will get in a play bow with anyone who is interested. I have 2 Mastiff puppies next door and we have had a play date, it was so much fun. I have to admit that I still zero in on bunnies and they distract me when I am outside to go to the bathroom but what can I say it is normal for me. I seem to have too much energy for younger smaller children so I might not be a good fit for them but would love to have an older two-legged buddy that would like to be my jogging partner. I walk well on my leash most of the time but I like being in front. Sometimes when I get excited or interested in something I began to walk ahead and pull but I really try to listen to her when she says no and I am doing so much better. Sometimes I act more like a scent hound than a sighthound because I find all those new scents absolutely fascinating. There are many times my nose just stays on the ground but then I will hear a noise and start looking to see what it is. Everything is so new and I am curious. I am a work in progress!!!!! I have taken a liking to everyone in my foster home and they all think I am so sweet, loving and BEAUTIFUL!!! They love my soft shiny coat so I get all kinds of pets, hugs and I am so happy when I see them I just trot right up to them with my tail wagging and my head held high because I know something good is coming. I take a little time to understand routines but when I do it makes it easier for my family as well as me. I love learning new things. My foster mommy has to go to work so I have to go in the crate when she is gone. At first, I was not too happy with that but then I realized that she was coming back and would let me out so I have no problems with it now. Right now I do not have a yard (I would really love one) so I go out 4 times a day in the morning, then lunch, afternoon and right before bed for bathroom duty. My afternoon walk is my favorite time because I get to go out for a long walk instead of just for the bathroom and I get to check out all kinds of pawsome things. I sleep in the bedroom at night on my bed and feel like a princess that I am. I eat well and have never tried to go after my buddy Tip’s cat food. I have found out that the snow can be amazing fun and I get to wear my little coat that makes me feel so special. Haven’t been out in the rain yet so I don’t know if that is going to be one of my favorite things. I am living on a busy street right now and most of the noises do not bother me but sometimes unexpected loud noise causes me to get closer to my foster mommy and she hugs me and oh how wonderful it makes me feel. I walk along the street with all the cars and trucks with no problems. I am looking for a home that has the patience to realize I love to play like a puppy, that I do get distracted so I need someone that makes sure I go potty before I come back in, that I need a couple of weeks to get used to a new routine and that I do have a lot of energy when I am not sleeping. My heart is big and loving my nature is sweet and affectionate so please consider me if I am the right fit for you, your family, your home and your heart. I will continually give you kisses and will love you unconditionally. Apply today to meet me! You’ll be glad you did! Go to FORG’s website at friendsofretiredgreyhounds.org and apply today for the opportunity and contact Cathy or Joe at FORG@LucianoFamily.net.Big hugs and kisses Pretzel.

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